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After Breast Augmentation Surgery

If you have recently made the decision to get breast augmentation it probably feels good and exciting and you are anticipating the great results. Which you should be, but part of being an educated consumer is having realistic expectations.

A breast augmentation is a real surgical procedure and should be treated seriously as such.

Physical and emotional healing

First, expect that it will take some time, several months even, for your breasts to fully heal and to drop down into what will be their normal position.

During this time it is normal to feel some anxiety or regret about your decision to get breast augmentation in the first place. While you planned for the physical pain, this feeling of angst may be unexpected.

And no matter the extent you mentally prepare yourself for the recovery process, actually experiencing it is a completely different thing. For the first couple of days you may need help simply getting out of bed and going to the restroom.

This exhausting and emotional time will take patience and self control to weather. Talk to the special people in your life in advance and prepare them to be ready to support you through it.

Returning to normalcy

You should be able to return to doing most normal activities within about five days after your breast augmentation, even back to work if you have a sedentary job.

However, many activities will be off limits for about three weeks, including heaving lifting, exercise and other vigorous activities, including sex. Your surgeon will monitor your progress and provide personal recommendations, which should be followed.

Most patients will be required to wear a special support bra and some will also need to wear an elastic band or strap around the top of their chest to help the implants settle into position. These garments can be uncomfortable and frustrating to wear.

Buyer's remorse

With most major purchases, it's common for the buyer to go through a period where they question their decision, despite the intense level of research and preparation done in advance.

This is no different for breast augmentation surgery. You may find yourself thinking that your new breasts look even worse then the old ones. Be patient - they may be red, shiny and funny-shaped for a while but not forever.

Hang in there and keep reminding yourself how much effort you did put into the planning process. You knew then that the results would be worth it and they will be.

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