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Chinese Health Balls

Chinese Health BallsChinese balls are used to improve arm circulation and hand coordination. They also activate acupressure points on the palms of the hands, thus activating your inner energy. This promotes greater health by:

  • stimulating blood circulation
  • improving memory
  • relaxing muscles and joints
  • relieving joint stiffness and soreness
  • relieving stress
  • promoting sleep

They are often used by middle-aged and elderly Chinese people as a part of their overall preventive health regime.

Hold two matching balls, about 1 inch (4 cm) in diameter, in one hand. Rotate the balls slowly in one direction, then change to the opposite direction. If you do not have Chinese balls, you can use chestnuts or even golf balls, says Dr. Geraldine Mitton in her Anti-Ageing Handbook.

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