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Does an Apple a Day Really Keep
the Doctor Away?

Researchers from Canada, in a government study, measured the antioxidants in eight varieties of apples and found that the red delicious variety (the most common kind grown and easiest to find) is packed with the highest concentrations of the health enhancing chemicals. In fact, the red delicious apple has more than six times the amount of antioxidants than the flesh.

Whilst apples have significantly lower concentrations of antioxidants than other fruits, particularly berries, researchers believe their year-round availability and greater popularity might make them an ideal source for antioxidants for many people.

On the negative side, according to the magazine Fitness, excess consumption of sugary fruits can increase your insulin levels. You can also gain similar nutritional benefits by consuming most of your carbohydrates as vegetables instead of fruit as they are typically lower in sugar, but are still excellent sources of antioxidants and other nutrients.

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