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Going for Gold Ė How to Apply Bronzer

Give your skin a sun-kissed summer glow by applying a pressed bronze powder over your normal foundation or dust lightly on your makeup-free skin.

Bronzers can help to highlight and define your facial features and give you a sheer, summer look. Dust a blusher brush over your bronzing powder, coating it slightly with the powder, but not caking it.

Begin by applying a little dab on your forehead. Then, with a circular motion, brush outwards on your forehead and continue brushing down onto your temples. Next, dab a little blusher onto your cheekbones, once again using a circular motion. Ensure you apply the powder to the apple of your cheekbone, and pull your face into a smile to identify the apple. Continue to apply bronzing powder to your jaw line, lightly brushing on either side and not forgetting the chin. Finish off by applying a little dab onto your nose and the top of the lip as well as the middle part of the lower lip.

The golden rule of bronzing is to choose bronzers that will highlight your features. It's easy to go overboard with these, so make sure you apply it in good lighting and get a second opinion before stepping out. Donít go too dark, at most two shades darker than your natural skin color. Be careful not to go too orange and, for mature skin, heavy bronzing is not recommended.

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