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Health and Beauty Archive

Acne Solutions: Is There a Solution for Acne?
Age Spots: Remedies for Brown Age Spots

Bacteria Types: Harmful and Helpful Bacteria
Beef: Health Benefits of Grass-Fed Beef
Blueberries: Health Benefits of Blueberries
Body Contouring — More is Better
Breast Augmentation: After Breast Augmentation Surgery
Breast Implant Surgery: The Big News in Breast Implants is Small
Brussel Sprouts: Health Benefits of Brussel Sprouts
Burning Calories: Alternative Ways to Burn Calories

Cabbage: Health Benefits of Cabbage
Cancer Classification, Causes, Types, and Warning Signs
Cancer Linked to the Food We Eat
Cancer: What is the Cancer Cure Cover Up?
Carrot Juice: Health Benefits of Carrot Juice
Celery Juice: Health Benefits of Celery Juice
Chemical Peels: Risk and Side Effects
Cherry Juice: Health Benefits of Cherry Juice
Chin and Cheek Augmentation
Cholesterol: The Birth of Cholesterol
Cholesterol: How Low is Too Low?
Cholesterol Not Linked to Heart Attacks
Coffee: Health Benefits of Coffee
Cucumber: Health Benefits of Cucumber

Dandelion: Health Benefits of Dandelion
Dandelion Juice: Health Benefits of Dandelion Juice
Dentist: What Can a Dentist Do for You?
Dry Skin Care: How to Get Rid of Dry Skin for Good

Elderberry Juice: Health Benefits of Elderberry Juice
Eyelid Surgery: Consultation, Procedure and Recovery

Facelift Procedures: The New Procedures in Facelift
Fasting: Is Fasting for One Day Healthy?
Fennel: Health Benefits of Fennel
Figs: Health Benefits of Figs
Full Facelift: What to Expect


Hair Removal: Choosing Between Electrolysis and Laser
Hand Care: Remedies for Dry and Callused Hands
Hibuscus Tea: Health Benefits of Hibuscus Tea

Insulin Potentiation Therapy: A Chemotherapy Alternative
Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS): Symptoms, Causes, Treatment

Juicers: What Is the Best Juicer?


Lemon Juice: Health Benefits of Lemon Juice
Lettuce: Health Benefits of Lettuce
Leukemia: Finding a Cure
Liver Cancer Alternative Treatment Options
Long-Term Diet Success: Guidelines and Tips
Lung Cancer Alternative Treatment Options

Magnetic Therapy: Introduction to Magnetic Therapy
Mammograms Found to Cause Cancer
Makeup: How to Remove Makeup and Why
Multiple Sclerosis Warning Signs

Nail Biting: Remedies for Chronic Nail Biting
Natural Remedies for Anemia and Iron-Poor Blood
Natural Remedies for Athlete’s Foot
Natural Remedies for Diabetes
Nori Seaweed: Health Benefits of Nori Seaweed

Obesity in Children: It's a Family Problem

Papaya: Health Benefits of Papaya
Pawpaw: Health Benefits of Pawpaw
Prostate Cancer Facts
Prostate Function: What Does the Prostate Do?
Protein Shakes: The Benefits of Protein Shakes


Running for Weight Loss: Is Running for Weight Loss Good for Losing Fat?

Shaving: How to Shave Your Legs
Skin Exfoliation: How to Exfoliate Dead Skin Cells
Sleep Problems: Tips to Prevent Sleep Problems
Sleep: Top Five Reasons for a Good Sleep
Soy: The Health Benefits of Soy
Spices: Health Benefits of Spices
Stretch Marks: Causes, Prevention and Treatment
Sugar and the Immune System
Summer Makeup Tips
Supplements: Top Seven Tips

Tangled Hair: How to Detangle Your Hair
Tattoo Removal - Various Options to Consider
Thighplasty: Thigh Lift for Sexy Legs
Trampoline: Buying a Trampoline and Caring for Your Trampoline
Tummy Tuck: Lifestyle to Maintain After a Tummy Tuck


Varicose Veins: Causes and Treatments
Varicose Veins: How to Prevent Varicose Veins
Vision Therapy Exercises You Can Do At Home

Weight Loss: Best Weight Loss Diet Plan
Weight Loss: Best Weight Loss Snacks
Weight Loss: Lose Weight the Healthy Way
Weight Loss Success Requires a Life Change
Weight: Maintaining a Desirable Weight
Wheatgrass Juice: The Benefits
Whole Food Diet
Wrinkle Creams: How to Compare Wrinkle Creams
Wrinkle Treatments: Anti-Wrinkle Creams, Diet, Botox, and More
Wrinkle Treatment: Particle Skin Resurfacing Procedure


Yogurt: Seven Health Benefits of Yogurt
You Are What You Eat
Young Looking Skin: Nutrients for Young Looking Skin
Younger Looking Skin: How to Look Younger in One Month
Younger Looking Skin: Look Years Younger in Just Minutes!


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