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Aspirin Lowers Your Blood Pressure

In terms of cost, availability, and usefulness, aspirin is one of the greatest triumphs of medical science. First isolated from willow bark hundreds of years ago, aspirin is now available as a simple over-the-counter formulation. Aspirin is effective as a painkiller, an anti-inflammatory, and has actions that provide protection against serious diseases like heart attack and stroke.

Swallow a low-dose aspirin before bed and you'll wake with lower blood pressure, according to Spanish scientists. They found that prehypertensive patients who popped 100mg of aspirin prior to sacking out saw their systolic BP drop by five points and diastolic by three points compared with no change when they took the analgesic in the morning.

The night-and-day difference may be due to aspirin slowing the production of blood-clotting hormones that are pumped out while your body is at rest.

Talk to your doctor before starting this regime.

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