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Bad Hair Day? How to Turn It
Into a Good Hair Day

We all have them and nobody likes to have a bad hair day literally speaking. When your hair looks and feels unmanageable, most of the time you want to scream. But, taking proper care of your locks will ensure you have good, and even great hair days coming your way.

Because your hair is so prominent, people notice it. Hiding a bad hair day is not as easy as disguising a flabby tummy or a big butt. Therefore, you need to ensure your hair is always well looked after and in good condition. Yes, it can be done. Here's how:

Good hair starts with clean hair. Depending on the condition of your hair, you may need to wash it every day. If you are lucky you can get away without washing it for two days, sometimes even three. Never allow your hair to stay dirty for longer than that. People will notice it looking greasy.

Invest in the right type of shampoo and conditioner. Don't just throw any old product on your hair. Rather get one that is customized to your hair's unique needs. You can speak to your hairdresser about the type of shampoo or conditioner that will benefit your hair the most. Hairdressers will often recommend salon quality products. If you can afford them, rather splash out on the extra bit. These products are often formulated with stronger ingredients, which means you use less product in the end, so they do not work out to be that much more expensive.

Blow-dry your hair. Although blow-drying your hair can dry it out, using products that work with heat will allow you to blow-dry your hair without damaging it. By blow-drying your hair, you avoid it from getting stringy too soon. If you have fine hair, blow-drying it will allow the hair to appear fuller, than simply letting it dry naturally.

Book regular hair appointments. This point is very important. Even if you don't want to 'style' your hair or change the style, you should still book an appointment with your hairstylist at least every six weeks. Trimming off the tatty ends will keep your hair in a better condition, plus it will look healthier, stronger and like you're having a good hair day, everyday.

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