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How to Accessorize with Bangles

Bangles are probably the most cost effective fashion pieces that can instantly add a fashionable personality to your look. You can wear them for a simple, subtle effect, or go all out and be bold by stacking different pieces together.

If your outfit is bright and summery, try stacking bangles in bright colors on your arm. Look for pieces with different textures and designs, but when mixing colors, the plainer the shade of the bangle, the better. In other words, don't mix too many different patterns of color if your dress already has a pattern going on.

Bangles that are different shapes can also have a rather bold effect. Wooden bangles with various carved patterns, for example hollow, bubble, flat or square can also be worked together, even if they are the same color.

You can mix metal bangles with plastic ones, but make sure they compliment each other. Mixing black, plastic bangles with metal shades of silver or gold usually work quite well together. But an orange plastic bangle mixed with a vintage styled metal bangle may not look like it belongs. Always ensure that your stacked bangles compliment each other. You may even be surprised at which items work well together, so play around with different styles.

Start your bangle collection

When you see a nice, different or funky bangle that you are drawn too, purchase it immediately if you can. You will find that somewhere along the line, these bangles will look sensational with something you have or will eventually get. And they are generally inexpensive and can be worn for many seasons ahead.

If all else fails, wearing bangles with jeans and a simple white top always helps to give your outfit some personality, so you will never have wasted money on bangles, unless of course you don't like them and don't wear them.

If you have short, stocky arms, avoid bold bangles and try not to stack thick bangles as these will drastically reduce the size of your already short arms. If you have long, lean arms you can wear both narrow and thick bangles and you can wear them together or on their own.

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