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Simple Styling for Your Bangs

Whether you want to call them bangs, fringes, layers or feathers, one thing remains: that these are great ways to help you get more looks from your hairstyle. With bangs, you can transform your hair by styling it in different ways.

If you have bangs, or a fringe, read on to discover how you can change your look with these hairstyle secrets:

The side-swept bang

This style, as seen on Nicole Ritchie and Jessica Alba is all about framing the face with soft, elegant feathers flicked out at the sides. To get this look, start with damp bangs. Apply a bit of styling mouse into the hair to help give it some volume and hold while styling.

Blow-dry your bangs from the root, but instead of going under the hair, place the round, blow-drying brush on top of the hair. Apply heat directly to roots from underneath. You don't have to blow-dry it sideways. In fact, blow-drying it straight will work better. As you work your way down the hair, twist the brush to whichever way you want your bangs to fall. Hold it for a few seconds and release without tugging on the hair.

For a longer lasting hold, apply the same theory using a hairstyling iron. Just ensure your hair is bone dry before you use the hair iron.

Sleek chic

This style works to you give you a sleek, sophisticated look. Much like the side-swept bang, this style works best when parted to the side. Instead of blow-drying from the top of the hair, blow-dry form underneath and tuck the ends inwards instead of outwards. You can secure the look with a bit of hairspray, or if your hair falls to the middle, tuck a bobby pin under the hair to keep it in place.

Simple and natural

You can let your bangs fall straight down on your forehead, but add volume to them by blow-drying them from under the root. Again, start with wet bangs, and blow-dry them from underneath, applying heat on top, using a round blow-drying brush. Apply heat directly to the root and allow the hair to settle a bit before removing the brush.

To add even more volume you can roll your hair up with a thick, Velcro curler after blow-drying and remove it just before you leave for your night out.

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