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Ideas for Your Beach-Themed Wedding

Beach weddings are great ways to spend a summer wedding in paradise. All the magnificent colors of nature will fit perfectly into your décor.

Starting with the dress, go for something that is soft and breezy, with an off-the-shoulder look and lots of flowing fabric. Mermaid style dresses look amazing in beach weddings. Adorn your veil with a crown made of white seashells and opt for a small, white bouquet of orchids. Remember you are working with a lot of color in your backdrop, therefore you don’t want to clash with it too much. White, blue, light green and beige work best with beach weddings.

Get your groom to wear an informal white linen suit with no tie and your bridesmaids to wear flowing pretty dresses with flowers in their hair to complete the theme.

For your wedding invitations, instead of going with traditional cardboard invites in paper envelopes opt for fan-shaped seashells that open up to reveal your wedding invitation or 'message in a bottle' ideas. Wooden fans and small wooden umbrellas are great wedding favors or even a pair of color-coordinated flip flops for each guest.

Use seashells to hold name place settings or to hold down menus to the tables. Decorate your centerpieces with white candles and seashells. Lanterns and tiki lights look amazing with this type of setting as do bamboo burners stuck in the beach sand. Use these to lead the pathway to the late afternoon/evening reception.

Decorate your bridal arch in blue and white flowers and ribbons. Palm tree leaves also add a very tropical, romantic touch.

Consider Caribbean inspired music for your entertainment. Bongo drums also make fantastic musical enhancements.

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