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Weight Loss Motivation: ‘Before’ Pictures Keep
You Motivated!

Picture This…

If you're planning on starting a new diet or fitness program in the near future, make sure you take before pictures of yourself, back and front. There's nothing worse than having improved on your body and not having the proof to show off your efforts. They say that a picture is worth a thousand words, and they're not joking when they say pictures never lie either, especially in this situation.

Looking at yourself in the mirror is not the same as seeing your results on paper. We look in the mirror every single day, and our eye seems to have somehow convinced us that 'it's not that bad', or that those extra bumps are just our imagination. But, they're not. They're really there and they'll only get worse, unless you face the music. If you want the cold hard truth, whip out those Polaroid's, compacts and fancy digital cameras and start clicking away.

There's more to taking before pictures than getting a wake-up call of note. Before pictures also serve as a great kick-start to any program and keep motivation levels high. Remember, those pictures are how the outside world sees us, like you needed any more reasons to start getting back in shape? Use your picture to its full capacity; don't go ripping it up and hiding it away. Get it out there. Stick it on your fridge door, so that next time you're feeling a little peckish, at least you'll think twice before raiding the food supply.

Having a before picture makes fine-tuning your goals more accurate as well, as you can instantly see exactly what's wrong and where you can improve, making your goal setting more focused and realistic.

Taking the pic

Remember you're not sending this photo to a modeling agency so don't try to hide all your flaws. After all, it's your flaws that you want to identify in the first place. Get someone to take a full-length shot of you, getting your full body, from head to toe in the shot. Try to be as natural as possible and stand in a relaxed upright position. Don't suck in those tummies and squeeze those butts, this is one time where you can let it all hang out — literally.

It’s best to take your before pictures wearing a bikini or for the guys a pair of shorts. Remember if you wear long, baggy clothing you'll only be fooling yourself. You want to be able to see where you can improve.

If you're going on a muscle gaining routine, take some shots of you in typical bodybuilder style poses. This will help you identify if you've gained muscle or not, and if you're training routine is or isn't working.

Good luck and remember to keep checking your photos for some extra motivation!

About The Author
Dimi Deliyiannis is the founder and editor of GetFIT.co.za, a free online magazine with information on training, diet and nutrition. She regularly writes articles for top South African magazines, including: Fitness, Muscle Evolution and Women's Value. Visit her website on www.getfit.co.za.

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