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Benefits of Cloves; Clove Uses

Cloves are native to the Spice Islands of Indonesia, and the word “clove” is derived from the Latin word for “nail”, clavus, as it resembles small nails with a tapered stem.

Cloves are the immature unopened flower buds of a tropical tree and are pink when fresh, but turn a rust brown color when dried. Whole cloves are used to stud hams and pork, as well as to enhance the flavor of game, especially venison, wild boar and hare. It is also an essential ingredient in a number of spice mixtures.

During the reign of the Han dynasty, anyone who planned to address the Chinese Emperor was expected to put cloves in his or her mouth in order to improve bad breath.

Traditional Chinese physicians have long used cloves to treat indigestion, diarrhea, and ringworm, as well as athlete’s foot and other fungal infections. However, contemporary herbalists recommend cloves for digestive complaints, and clove oil for toothache. This pungent spice is also said to be an aphrodisiac.

Medical Uses:

Clove is a herb that can be used as an antiseptic for viral conditions, digestive aid, stimulant for mind and body, and to treat skin conditions.

Digestive aid: Clove is antispasmodic, meaning it relieves the cramping that can occur in muscle tissue. It can be used to treat colic, gas, and bloating.

Women's health: The antispasmodic properties of clove also make it helpful in preparation for childbirth. The herb helps to make contractions stronger and aid in labor.

Stimulant: Cloves can be used to improve the memory.

Antiseptic: Clove has been found to be and can be given to aid the treatment of malaria, tuberculosis, and scabies.

Analgesic: The oil from clove plants can be used to sooth toothaches and is often found in commercial mouthwash for this purpose.Analgesic:

Skin conditions: Cloves can be used in the aid of acne, styes, and other skin conditions.Skin conditions:

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