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Health Benefits of Nori Seaweed

Nori seaweed is the latest trend from Asia to sweep America. People have been eating seaweed and using it in health products in Japan for years. But we in the West are just now learning of its amazing health benefits.

Nori is completely edible and is actually used in many different types of food. The most common of these uses is as a wrap for sushi. So if you have ever eaten sushi you have already tried Nori. The second most common use is for it to be toasted and flavored and eaten in the same way that we eat potato chips.

Nori seaweed is extremely nutritious and is very good for your health. It is considered to be a "super food" because it is packed full of vitamins, nutrients and even some rare trace elements. Nori is very high in protein, iron and vitamin C. It is also a great source of vitamin A, vitamin B2, iodine, potassium and magnesium. Best of all is that it is extremely low fat!

Nori seaweed extract is also used in many healthcare products. Irish Seaweed Cosmetics is one example of a specialty company that uses high quality seaweed extract in all of their beauty products. Nori seaweed has been shown to moisturize dry skin, improve circulation and detoxify the skin. One particularly interesting product made from Nori is a massage gel called Nuru Gel. It is a spicy way for couples to give a massage to one another while enjoying all the health benefits of Nori seaweed.

Anyway you use it, Nori seaweed is a great addition to your healthy lifestyle. Look for it in the health aisle of your grocery store the next time you feel like an exotic snack. Or buy it your beauty products to help moisturize and detoxify naturally.

About The Author:
Kara Williams is a certified health nut. She is always keeping her eyes open for the latest health news, exercise plans and beauty products. Look for her health blog coming soon!

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