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Lemon Benefits: Five Secrets of Using
the Lemon as a Youth Restorative


Secret #1. South Sea islanders are noticeably free of acne and blackheads. An Oriental secret is to rub lemon juice directly onto an affected area and allow it to dry. Mix equal portions of lemon juice and rose water (the islanders usually steep a few rose petals in hot water, but Westerners can obtain rose water at most herbal pharmacies). Apply this lotion morning and night. It is said to help heal blemishes and bring about an improved skin condition.

Secret #2. To add brightness to your hair, use a lemon rinse. Strain fresh lemon juice into cool water and rinse your hair several times. Finish with a rinse in cold water.

Secret #3. For a sore throat, mix some lemon juice and honey with boiled water. Either gargle or drink this folk potion.

Secret #4. Try to soften rough elbows by rubbing the region with the cut side of a lemon.

Secret #5. To help whiten and strengthen the fingernails, rub regularly with a lemon peel.

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