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The Many Health Benefits of Beta Carotene

Eye Health

Beta carotene is perhaps the best known carotenoid. Carotonoids are those red, yellow and orange pigments which are responsible for giving many fruits and vegetables their bright colors. It is even the beta carotene in shellfish which give flamingoes their distinctive pinkish hue. In the human body, beta carotene is converted into vitamin A, one of the most important of all nutrients.

Beta carotene is known to be a potent booster for the immune system, as well as an important nutrient for good eye health. In addition, the vitamin A beta carotene helps to create is a potent antioxidant vitamin, responsible for reducing the harmful effects of free radicals in the environment.

In addition to its role in eye health and proper immune system functioning, beta carotene may have an important role to play in providing protection against heart disease and possibly even some forms of cancer.

The best way to get plenty of beta carotene, of course, is to eat a healthy diet, one that contains plenty of the fruits and vegetables rich in this important nutrient. Stand-alone beta carotene supplements are generally not recommended. Beta carotene should instead be used as part of a good multi-vitamin formula.

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