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How to Attract Birds to Your Garden

Thereís nothing quite like relaxing in your garden, enjoying the summer sun, admiring lovely plants and colors and listening to the sweet sounds of birds ó itís like having paradise right in your own yard. Attracting birds to your garden also helps brighten up your garden and as an added bonus they help to keep your garden growing by spreading seeds.

In order to get the birds to fly over to your garden, some basic guidelines need to be followed:

Firstly, not all birds have the same eating habits. Seeds will attract birds such as rosellas, lorikeets and pigeons, so providing a seed house in your garden will be beneficial to attracting these types of birds. Honeyeaters, fantails and thornbills are attracted to insects, so if you want to attract these types of birds, make sure you have plants that also attract insects.

Mockingbird Sitting in a Bush

Turn your garden into your sanctuary,
your very own paradise with a touch of nature.

Itís important to keep in mind that birds are attracted to color, so having a colorful garden will ensure that they visit. Birds are especially attracted to red or yellow flowers.

To provide an even greater incentive for birds to visit your sanctuary, make it as beneficial as possible by also providing water. You can get some very attractive water bases and bird baths from your local nursery, so keep an eye out for these the next time youíre plant shopping.

Providing birds with cover gives them a place to hide and makes them feel more comfortable in your yard. Shrubs and trees, particularly evergreens, make good cover.

And last but not least, remember to be patient. It takes time for you to establish a garden and plants to grow and also for the birds to identify your garden as a safe and humble environment. After the first time they visit, youíll have to keep up appearances in order to ensure they return, but remember attracting them is the most difficult part. Once they have visited you can almost surely count on them returning.

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