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Unwanted Body Hair Removal Treatment

Body Hair
Body Hair

Tired of unsightly body hair? Are you sick of being self-conscious about certain parts of your body and the hair that likes to pop up in those areas? Nowadays, more and more people are getting out and doing something to eliminate their unwanted body hair. At first it may have seemed like an actor/model trend, but now men from all walks of life are getting rid of their body hair. There are several measures that can be taken to get rid of unsightly hair, and some steps are for certain people while others probably are not. It is best to read about the different methods and then choose the route that you want to go from the information provided.

Probably the two easiest methods for removing hair would be simple tweezing or trimming. Tweezing is of course nowhere near permanent and can be very time consuming as well. Tweezing is best used on the smaller parts of your body that are not going to be COVERED in hair. Your eyebrows, fingers, and toes are all good areas to tweeze if you don't mind the feeling of being pinched. It is advised to go for higher-quality tweezers if your budget will allow. This will decrease the pain and irritation.

Trimmers (electric and non-electric) are available everywhere starting from as cheap as 10 dollars all the way up through 100 dollars. Not only is trimming great for the simple areas such as your face and sideburns, but it works really well to eliminate nose hairs and unwanted hair in the ears as well. Trimming is a lot easier on your body compared to tweezing, but sometimes they work best when used hand in hand with each other.

If the simple methods like trimming are not cutting it for you, you can opt to take a more serious route and try waxing or sugaring your unwanted hair. The process of waxing starts off with spreading hot wax onto the area of the unwanted hair. This is followed by placing a strip of cloth onto the designated area, rubbing it, and then ripping off the strip. This eliminates the wax, hair, and root all at once. The process of sugaring is very similar to waxing, except that it uses a type of sugar paste that mostly is made up of sugar, lemon, and water instead of wax.

Another serious method is electrolysis. During this process a tiny needle is used to zap the hair follicle at its root and eventually kill it for good. The process always needs to be performed by a professional electrologist and you will need to make appointments at least every other week to achieve good results. It is much more time consuming than waxing overall, so it is advised to use electrolysis on smaller parts of your body such as your eyebrows and other small patches of hair that you would like to be removed for good.

The newest FDA approved hair removal process to come around is laser treatment. In this treatment a laser beam is used and shot directly at the hair follicles, which in turn kills them. Men with darker hair and a lighter complexion are ideal because dark hair absorbs the laser energy much more so than lighter hair. If you have a tan you will want to avoid this procedure as well because your skin's pigmentation is altered and laser treatment will probably lead to permanent discoloration. Laser treatment offers a permanent reduction on quantity of hair but it is also the most expensive method. Each appointment will run you upwards of 100 dollars. Because it is truly an investment, the process is ideal for larger areas of your body such as your neck and all of your back.

As you can see there are many options available out there for men who want to get rid of their body hair. Hopefully with this information you can now make an educated decision about which method is best for you. Men removing their body hair is becoming very popular all around the globe and many new methods are being researched all the time. So if you still do not like all these options available to you right now, surely there will be many more to come in the near future.

Article by James Sherlock

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