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Immune System:
Boosting Your Immune System

Boosting Immune System

When stressed, tired, or exposed to germs, our immune systems can work overtime trying to keep us from getting sick. Giving it a boost, though, can be as simple as getting the right nutrients and making some simple lifestyle changes. Whether youíre trying to fight off a cold or compensate for stress, boosting your immune system can help to keep you healthy and full of energy.

Regular exercise, sleep, and enough water help your body to function properly. And if your body is functioning properly, your body will more effectively fight off viruses and bacteria. Be sure that you stick to a sleep schedule; sleeping too much or too little can make your body more tired than it needs to be. Exercise helps keep your body strong, as well as all the systems (including the immune system) contained within. And water helps your body evacuate toxins and keeps your body hydrated, a necessary component of good health.

Vitamins and minerals help keep the immune system strong. Powerful antioxidants, like Vitamins A, C, and E ward off free radicals, maintain youth, and strengthen immunity. Zinc and selenium are important minerals that, when used in the right amounts, can increase your immune systemís efficiency. However, bear in mind that some vitamins and minerals can be dangerous in large amounts and actually have the opposite effect on immunity when taken in excessive doses.

Some supplements have proven useful for supporting a healthy immune system. Echinacea is particularly effective when taken for no more than 8 weeks at the recommended dosage. Omega-3 fatty acids reduce inflammation, which is a symptom of illness, stress, or injury. Digestive enzymes aid the stomach in digesting food ó something the immune system must resort to (taking it away from doing other jobs in the body) when the body canít compensate for foods consumed by producing more digestive enzymes.

Keeping your immune system healthy should be a part of overall good health. Maintaining a balance in your schedule and the right intake of water, vitamins, minerals, and supplements will protect you from everyday colds and flu.

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