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Borojo: Health Benefits and Nutrition Facts

Borojo, native to the Amazon, is also found in jungles in Panama and Colombia. Natives use the pulp to prepare juice (jugo del amor), compotes, marmalades, candies and wine, or they eat it straight up as food supplement while journeying through the jungles.

Borojo is high in protein and an excellent source of vitamin B, which is good for the metabolism, healthy skin and muscles, enhanced immunity and nervous system, and counteracts stress, depression and heart disease. Its high phosphorous content is great to maintain strong teeth and bones. It is also high in amino acids, so much so that a pound of this fruit is equivalent to three fresh pounds of meat!

Borojo is particularly well-known to help treat bronchial issues. It is also said to stabilize blood sugar levels, control arterial hypertension and relieve menstrual discomfort.

In Columbia, the University of Santiago of Cali carried out research in which they discovered Borojo contains a substance called "sesquiterpelantond," which they claim inhibits cell growth in harmful tumors and shows promise for treating cancer.

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