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Botox Alternative: Will Bangs Replace Botox?

Ever wonder how your face will look in ten years? If so, there's a scary way to determine just how well those hidden muscles beneath the skin are holding up: Place a mirror flat on your vanity, bend over from the waist and as you peer at your face, slowly count to ten. See, I told you it could be scary.

Aging in the face is very subtle; the gradual loosening of muscles, the lack of collagen production, the formation of wrinkles and hollows will all become apparent as Mother Nature continues her march across our faces. Maybe you've noticed the vertical lines deepening, the horizontal lines firmly etching outwards to the temples and now crow's feet are firmly in place. This type of aging is all about lax muscles.

Just as you have seen changes in your upper arms, waist, tummy, hips and thighs, these same changes occur throughout the body and this includes the face. A lack of exercise can make our body look and feel older than our years.

We can cleverly camouflage certain body flaws but disguising an aging face is another matter.

What looks like aging to you? Is it environmental circumstances such as over exposure to the sun, wind and smog? Is it pursed lips? Does your skin look old because you didn't wash your face every night and now hormonal changes present their own dry skin challenges with fine lines turning into wrinkles? Maybe your face has become spongy and droopy; has it elongated and headed south?

Wearing sagging facial muscles is wearing the look of old.

Yes, this is aging at its worst and it is happening to everyone. For those of you over the age of 25, this is a stark reality. No matter what your age, you have choices to make regarding your good health and how you age gracefully.

Many professionals have jumped on the anti-aging bandwagon. Drug and pharmaceutical companies now provide physicians lots of ammunition in the form of injections and skin care items using toxins, waxes, dyes, synthetics, etc.

The glossy magazines overflow with ads touting the latest and greatest skin care remedies that promise to tighten, lift and tone sagging skin. Maybe you have tried some of these products just hoping that one will actually change your facial appearance.

The choices are vast and varied. Some treatments and options are passive, others are aggressive and some are downright painful, risky and expensive.

If you love your body you have most likely decided that extreme measures are not for you. Maybe you have decided that wearing bangs is the best option. After all long bangs can disguise the lines and wrinkles or can they?

Botox came on the scene a few years ago with their very popular Botulinum A-Toxin injections that indeed paralyze and weaken injected muscles. The crippling of the muscles does result in smoothed foreheads and deters the look of crow's feet because the muscle movements are inhibited.

Even though relatively small amounts of this toxin are used, the body may or may not exhibit side effects but there are always side effects associated with every drug. There are those unlucky ones who do suffer certain physical consequences when allowing this toxin to be injected for cosmetic purposes such as overdose, misinjection, weakness, paralysis, and more

The FDA has approved Botox for certain uses but due to recent information regarding the safety aspect of this drug, a black box warning may be issued which means that if you decide to allow this toxin to be injected, you will be duly warned by the administering physician. Scary indeed!

If you decline to use paralyzing toxins what options other than bangs do you have to either disguise or stop the lines and wrinkles in the forehead?

What if you were given isometric exercises to thwart the ravages of forehead lines and wrinkles? Would you be interested in knowing there is a proven, natural way to correct facial sagging so that your face returns to a more youthful, contoured appearance?

When the forehead develops lines and wrinkles, it is because the broad, vertical frontalis muscle is losing its intrinsic tone; this muscle elongates and pushes downward into the eyebrow muscles and upper eye. This action creates compression as muscles pool into each other.

The entire face and the neck can become misshapen when the facial muscles no longer provide adequate support of the skin. Just like your body appreciates exercise to maintain its sleekness and form, the facial muscles also benefit from isometric movements.

This action of the exercise forces oxygenated blood to the tissues; from the inside out your face and neck will look more vibrant and alive in hardly any time at all while your muscles plump up and support your skin without harmful interventions.

Bangs? Well, only if they're in style but you'll no longer need to wear them to disguise your forehead when you use exercise to keep your face looking younger. Imagine surgery-like results without a knife, injection, inconvenience, expense or pain.

Cynthia Rowland is widely recognized as an expert in all natural facial fitness with over thirty years experience in health & beauty related fields. She has appeared on The View, NBC 4, Fit TV, HGTV and other popular shows. This author, speaker and television personality is leading the crusade to keep men and women looking vibrantly younger through natural techniques without spending their children's inheritance.
Cynthia Rowland, "I Save Faces", http://www.rejenuve.com/FacialMagicSL.htm

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