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Tips for a Fabulous Bridal Shower

Planning a bridal shower? Check out these great tips to help you plan a hen party to absolute perfection.

A bridal shower is supposed to be a fun, sometimes even a naughty event. So, if you have been offered the opportunity to host one, you can let your creative spirit go wild. There are many types of bridal showers, and the theme of the bridal shower should be one that the bride will enjoy. After all, it is all for her. Check out the various ideas online and chat with friends for tips and suggestions.

The bridal shower is generally hosted by the maid of honor or the bridesmaids and is a good opportunity for the women attending the wedding to meet and spend time with the bride before she walks down the isle.

Top bridal shower tips:

  • Only invite women who have been invited to the wedding to the bridal shower.
  • Plan the bridal shower no more than two months ahead of the wedding and send out formal invitations or email invites.
  • Give out party favors for the guests, as these are always a lovely gesture. Go traditional with small boxes of sweets or chocolates or get creative and make something like a bracelet or bookmark.
  • Remember to consider the theme of the party. If you are planning a naughty shower, make sure you notify the guests. Many of them will have children and would need to make arrangements with a sitter.
  • Theme your party and notify the guests beforehand. Masked parties and dress-ups are often a lot of fun.
  • Always remember the bride's interests.

Author: Dimi Ingle.
Copyright 2009: Remedium. This article may not be copied, in whole or in part, without the written consent of Remedium.

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