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Bunions, Calluses and Corns

ShoeMany women are troubled by bunions, calluses or corns. In most cases they have been caused by wearing the wrong shoes over a period of years and orthopedic treatment is the only cure, says Elsa Liebenberg in her book Looking Good.

Never try homemade ointments and plasters, or use blades to cut corns; you could end up with a serious case of sepsis. Consult a doctor or specialist, and listen to him if he prohibits the wearing of sharply pointed high-heeled fashion shoes, and recommends ‘practical’ health shoes. When you are older you will be glad you heeded his words because you will be able to walk normally instead of shuffling along painfully,” says Ms. Liebenberg.

“Fortunately, nowadays health shoes are available in a variety of fashion styles and colors. Assistants at shops specializing in these shoes should be able to advise you in choosing what’s right for your feet.”

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