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How to Attract Butterflies to Your Garden

Much like birds, butterflies are attracted to specific types of plants, so if you want a garden filled with beautiful and breathtakingly bright butterflies, you will need to ensure your garden is butterfly ready.

Butterflies generally make an appearance in the spring, a time when they can enjoy stretching out their wings in the sun. Each species of butterflies has their own different tastes when it comes to flowers. However, generally they are attracted to inviting colors. By ensuring a splash of various colors, you will ensure you are well on your

Beautifully bright butterflies compliment your garden and make a great impression.

way to attracting these beautiful guests in your garden.

Adult butterflies feed on the nectar from flowers. Flowers such as bee balms, blueberry, impatiens, lilac, marigold and verbena are among the favorite butterfly plants. Other favorites include daisies, tickseeds, lantanas as well as butterfly bush and butterfly weeds. To further increase your chances of attracting these guests, it is advisable to have a few flat rocks in your flowerbeds where the butterflies can stretch their wings out and absorb the heat from the sun.

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