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Buying a Trampoline &
Caring for Your Trampoline



by: Jason Gluckman


Trampolines come in three basic shapes square, rectangular and round and many different sizes. While choosing a trampoline, you should consider its durability and safety as well as its guarantee. Pay close attention to the frame pads, jumping mats, springs and frames.

The frame pad is the most important part of the trampoline. Good frame pads provide better protection. Look at the thickness, width and the quality of material used in making the frame pad while choosing a trampoline.

The next component to closely inspect is the jumping mat. Make sure it is properly stitched and capable of withstanding an adult's weight. There are several grades of jumping mats sold on the market today. The better the mat, the longer it will last.

Look at the quality of the springs as the longer the spring, the better the bounce. See if they are likely to weaken or stretch out of shape after use.

The frame should also be sturdy enough to withstand weight of more than one person, because often more than one child uses the trampoline simultaneously. A good trampoline frame should never bend or bow when set up, nor flex when in use.

Best way to find an authentic manufacturer and supplier of a trampoline that meets international safety standards is to visit the International Trampoline Industry Association (ITIA), a non-profit trade association of manufacturers, suppliers, and distributors of trampolines, trampoline parts and related equipment.

Here are some of the leading trampoline manufacturers and suppliers listed by the ITIA: Eurotramp, Trampoline Authority, 1800Trampoline.com, Hedstrom, Ball, Bounce and Sport Inc., Soft-Bounce Needak Rebounders, JumpSport, and Super-Fun Trampolines.



by: Jeb Taylor

Your trampoline can be an expensive item, so it's important to properly care for it. Here are some useful tips:

  • Don't let kids sit/stand or play with the frame pads. The pad is a preventive in case the kids land too close to the frame.
  • Don't use chemicals to clean your frame pads.
  • Don't tie your pads too tight. In case of strong winds, it can pull up the pads and therefore pull out the straps if tied too tightly.
  • If you have an enclosure, lift up the skirt where the poles are or cut out of the skirt area at the pole. If the pole lies against the skirt, there will be too much strain on the pads and can cause the skirt seams to rip.
  • Keep all animals away from the trampoline. There's something about dogs and pads are very appealing to dogs!

How can trampolining be safer?

If your child already uses a trampoline, you should follow these safety measures.

Location of the trampoline and safety features:

  • Clear the area around the trampoline of objects and do not set the trampoline near trees, fences, poles, or other playground equipment.
  • Set the trampoline where an energy-absorbing surface (for example, tall grass) surrounds it.
  • Buy and use a frame pad that covers the entire area of the spring system.
  • If possible, lower the height to ground level by putting the trampoline in a pit.

Before using the trampoline:

  • Set rules for trampoline use and discuss them often with your children.
  • Tell your children about the risks of not using the tramp properly.
  • Have your children remove any necklaces.

Using the trampoline:

  • Have someone properly train your child how to do flips and other complex stunts.
  • Never allow more than one person to use the trampoline at the same time.
  • Do not allow bouncing followed by jumping off of the trampoline.
  • Have an adequate number of spotters around the edges of the trampoline.
Follow these tips and your trampoline will be great fun . . . and safe.

About The Author:
Jeb Taylor is a fitness guru. He works out on all exercise equipment he thinks will help him. Along with bikes and jogging, Jeb loves bouncing on a trampoline as a fun way to fitness. Find out all you need to know about trampolines. How to use them for best exercise results, and which models to buy. Daily updated blog of news & articles. Visit http://www.trampolines-101.com/

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