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What is the Cancer Cure Cover Up?

It is thought that many in the medical and pharma­ceutical are covering up the fact that natural treatments are actually safer for the patient than the conventional therapies that are used in the medical profession. These natural treatments do not have nearly the hazardous side effects that treatments like radiation and chemotherapy have.

Taking a vitamin or adding an herb to you diet seems much more cost effective and possible safer compared to the expensive man-made chemical equivalents. One possible reason for the cover-up is that the medical/pharmaceutical industries can't make as large of a profit if they didn't push their own inventions. There could be very little income potential in producing nature made derivatives. In addition, a number of medical schools are financially supported by pharmaceutical corporations with vested interest in conventional treatments. The primary mission of all publicly traded companies (including pharmaceutical companies) is increasing stockholders income stream. These could be reason why medical professionals seem to immediately jump to radiation and chemotherapy when a patient comes in with cancer.

Hazardous Effects of Radiation

Radiation has many different and adverse effects on a patient. These effects can vary but many of them can even be life threatening. One of the negative effects of radiation is that through many studies it has actually been shown that radiation may spread cancer. Radiation can also cause you to lose your body's resistance to many other diseases. Heart failure has even been noted as a side effect of radiation therapy. There are many other serious effects that radiation seems the have on the body as well. It should also be known that there is no rate of higher survival than those who were not treated with radiation at all. It is in fact true that the long term survival rate of those treated with radiation is somewhere close to zero. This is something that should be considered when thinking of taking a radiation treatment.

Toxic Effects of Chemotherapy

Chemotherapy is another form of medical treatment that has adverse effects on the patient. Chemotherapy is also known to spread cancer as it weakens the immune system. It is also known to be toxic to patients that are being treated with it. With chemotherapy weakening the immune system it leaves the patient open to other diseases that often times could result in the death of the patient as a result. The rate of long term survival after this treatment is close to zero just like the treatment of radiation.

Article by Ty Daniel
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