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The Benefits of Catnip

Catnip is an aromatic herbaceous plant that cats love. The plant readily spreads and also reseeds itself. It's a common weed in damper parts of the United States and Europe. Catnip is easy to grow and is available in bulk from your local herb shop look for a green color and an aromatic smell. Tinctures are sometimes available, but you may find them rather weak. Catnip is delicate, so don't expect too much from the dried herb in capsules.

Internally, catnip is wonderful for children and infants when gas, stomach cramps, or nervousness occur, say Ferrell et al. in Natural Remedies Encyclopedia. This is the children's herb, but it is also helpful to grown-ups. It is famous for its gentle sedative effect on the nervous system, reducing nervous tension.

Catnip is also used for colds, dizziness, fevers, gas, hysteria, morning sickness, smallpox, and urine retention. It quickly reduces fevers when a catnip tea enema is taken. It stimulates the appetite.

Externally, use catnip as a fomentation for mumps and painful swellings.

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