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Wedding: Create Stunner Centerpieces

Stun your guests with beautiful centerpieces that are practical yet unique.

The flowers, more specifically the centerpieces that you choose for your wedding reception can completely transform the atmosphere of the event. Whether you want to create romance and simplicity or really wow your guests, the right floral arrangements will do the trick.

Before you go wild choosing flowers and table settings, there are a few points you need to keep in mind when choosing the perfect centerpiece:

Table sizes
The size of the table as well as the style (square, rectangular, oval or round) should be the starting block to choosing the right centerpiece. An arrangement that's too small may disappear into the decor, and similarly, and arrangement that is too big may be too overpowering. The perfect centerpiece should compliment your theme, be noticeable but not take over the table.

Height is very important when choosing a centerpiece. Although the centerpiece may look amazing, it is important to always think about practicality. You don't want to block guests from seeing the bridal party, or each other on the big day. Arrangements that are the same height as your guests' head are also a big no-no as these will also block your guests from seeing each other and will probably end up being moved around.


Mix it up
Whoever said that you absolutely must stick to one centerpiece design? Instead of having one uniform design run through the tables, why not consider three different styles of arrangements instead? This will add a nice flavor and allow you to create a really unique setting. An important factor to keep in mind is to ensure that your different arrangements always blend. Go for similar styles with a bit of flavor.

Ask the pros
Before you decide on your final arrangements, discuss your ideas with your florist or wedding coordinator. They have had a lot of experience with the dos and don'ts of wedding flowers and can help you finalize your decision.

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