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Chemical Peels: Risk and Side Effects

Many people want to get a chemical peel to achieve smooth and beautiful complexion. They are extremely popular among those who are not really happy with their facial skin tone, complexion, because you can see the results almost immediately and you do not have to stay in the hospital to get them done.

They are great if you want to eliminate fine lines and wrinkles as well as uneven coloring or scaring. It works by removing damaged outer layers. They work great if you have reasonable expectations and if you are physically in good health. However, patience is needed.

Before getting the procedure, make sure you understand all of the risks and side effects. As with the other cosmetic surgery procedures, Normal candidates usually suffer from redness and peeling of the skin as well as some stinging or burning. Even if you get a very mild peel, then you may feel some stinging however this should go away soon.

You may also feel some redness, which can last for weeks and even months. Scabs can form in the treated area as it reacts to the acid solution. The doctor should give you some instructions on how to clean your skin and protecting it with lotion.

You may also see some flaking and peeling but you should not peel skin before it is ready to come off because it can result in scarring. Finally, you may suffer from some changed in the color of your complexion. If that occurs, then you should make sure you visit a doctor and he or she can give you something to put on your skin.

Ultimately the procedure can be very safe if you go to a doctor who you can trust who has experience performing the procedure. A good doctor will take great care on sterilizing important equipment as well as making sure you are given the right dose of chemical solution on your face. You may want to talk to a friends or relatives to see if they know anyone who can perform the procedure effectively.

You can also do some research via the internet, in medical journals or in the telephone book to see if there is anyone in your area who is equip to handle the procedure.

If done correctly, a chemical peel should have minimal side effects and should leave you with healthy skin. Make sure to understand the procedure before undergoing it.

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