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How to Choose a Swimsuit

There is nothing worse than an ill-fitting swimsuit, drawing attention to your trouble spots and not-so-perfect areas. As it is, it is very difficult to hide much with a swimsuit. However, choosing the right suit for your body shape can make all the difference.

From the style, cut and colour, to choosing a one or two piece, knowing what suits your body can help you to feel more confident when you're splashing about this summer.

First, find a fabric that fits

Although a swimsuit may look flawless on a store mannequin, bear in mind that these "dummies" don't have any real, human contours. Those dreaded bumps and bulges are often accentuated by the wrong type of fabric. When choosing your swimsuit, look for one that is made from a good quality lycra or spandex material. Elasticity is also important to ensure that your assets are kept intact. If a piece has too much elasticity, chances are it will stretch and have you falling out of it, while too little elasticity means uncomfortable squeezing, resulting in extra bumps and lumps.

Stick to solids

Solid, dark colours are always a good option, as they help to conceal areas of your body that you're not particularly fond of. If you are more of a pattern and embellishment kind of girl, bear in mind that detail and design draw attention, which brings the eye to that area. Use this style trick to your advantage. If you have a great upper body but are not particularly fond of your lower half, go for a swimsuit that has a print or embellishment on the top, and is simple and solid at the bottom.

Light colours, particularly white swimsuits are better suited to perfect figured girls, as they emphasise every inch of the body. Cream or beige coloured swimsuits, unless you are well tanned are generally very unflattering to most, as they drain the body of colour.

Shape up

Your shape should always be taken into consideration when choosing your swimsuit. If you have an hourglass shape like Jennifer Lopez, go for tops that have a triangle shape to emphasise your toned upper body. Halter necks are also great options. A thick waistband at the hip is perfect for concealing wider hips.

If you are fuller figured, cover up with a one-piece swimsuit and rather opt for a boob tube style that will show off your shoulders instead of going for a low cut piece.

If you're trying to create curves, pair a bikini bottom that has a chunky wrap on the side, with a low cut halter-top.

Author: Dimi Ingle
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