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Choosing a Wedding DJ

A wedding reception would not be complete without a rocking DJ. Choosing a good DJ can dictate just how good (or bad) your wedding reception turns out. So how do you choose?

The DJ you hire for your wedding should be a professional DJ and not someone who D-Jays for the fun of it. A professional DJ will be able to read the crowd and really make your guests enjoy your wedding reception. Ask your friends, family and co-workers to refer a good wedding DJ. The best type of advertising for a DJ will come from word of mouth, so if he or she is good, someone would have remembered.

It is difficult to choose a DJ based on their advertising, as their work is only experienced by the sense of hearing. Once you have found a DJ, meet with him or her face-to face and consider their price, services and most importantly their selection of music. The last thing you want is a DJ stuck in the sixties who will bore your guests at the reception. Find out what type of music they play and if you would need to supply them with the music.

Another important factor to consider is the DJ equipment; find out how regularly it is serviced and if he or she does sound checks prior to the wedding. Also put them on the spot and ask them what they would do in the case of a system malfunction. Most good DJ's will test their equipment a few hours or a day prior to the event, have it serviced regularly and also have a back-up plan.

Get everything in writing before you agree on your DJ and get him or her to sign it. This will eliminate any unnecessary conflict that may arise from misunderstandings.

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