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What Is Circuit Training?

Circuit training involves completing a series of moves on a pre-determined selection of workout equipment stations, each targeted for a specific goal. The circuit helps to develop overall body conditioning and is a good exercise option for both beginners as well as conditioned athletes.

On the circuit or super circuit, as it's often referred to in the gym, you move swiftly from one piece of machinery onto the next, and here's how it's done:

You start off with the first exercise station and follow the light signals which are also controlled by beeps. You set the desired weight on the exercise station and begin your workout with the first green light. Once that light has switched on, you need to perform as many repetitions on that station as you possibly can, until you hear the beep, which signals that it's time to move over onto the next station.

The station that follows will generally target a completely different muscle group. For instance, you may move from a bench press station which works the chest to a lying leg curl station which works the hamstrings. During the red light period, you should adjust the next piece of machinery to your requirements and for optimal results run up and down on the steps that are usually in the middle of the circuit. When the green light starts again it's time for you to begin with your next exercise. This is the sequence you would follow for the rest of the circuit until you have reached the end.

A circuit should run for about 20 - 30 minutes and it is advisable to perform a light cardiovascular warm up on either the treadmill, bicycle or stair climber in order to prepare your muscles.

Circuit Training
A super circuit is a combination of exercises, linked together to provide a
powerful workout that targets and tones the whole body.

Author: Dimi Ingle.
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