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10 Ways to Keep Your Swimming Pool
Sparkling Clean

You can keep your swimming pool sparkling clean throughout the swimming season by following these ten simple guidelines. Guidelines are meant for a chlorinated pool, not one using Baquacil®.

1.) Make sure the pool has enough chlorine. You can test chlorine levels using an OTO test kit. Follow the instructions on your kit to determine if your swimming pool has adequate chlorine.

2.) While checking the chlorine, be sure to check the pH. Most people are surprised to find out that chlorine will not work if the pH level is too low. Once again, pH levels can be tested with an OTO test kit. Follow the test kit instructions to determine if pH levels are high enough.

3.) Simply skimming your pool twice a week keeps the surface free from debris and bugs.

4.) Cleaning the bottom of the pool also keeps the overall image of your pool clean. You can use a vacuum, or just brush the debris on the bottom of the pool toward the main drain.

Swimming Pool

5.) Using a solar blanket can also greatly reduce the amount of debris that collects in your pool. This is also a great way to heat up your pool and minimize evaporation.

6.) Keep the basket in the skimmer box free of bugs, leaves, and other debris. If the basket is full of leaves and debris, it won’t collect other surface fragments. This will help improve the efficiency of the pool's automatic surface cleaner.

7.) Cloudy pools can be clear! If your pool is noticeably cloudy, check a local pool store for clarifier. Clarifier usually works in about twenty-four hours.

8.) Make sure to backwash after vacuuming! This keeps the filter in good working order, leading to a crystal clear pool.

9.) No one likes pulling off the winter cover after a long off-season, and finding dirty water. To maximize the chances of starting off the swimming season with a sparkling swimming pool, take the time to close and winterize your pool properly. Winterizing kits are sold at local stores, have everything you need to properly protect your pool, and come with easy to follow, step-by-step instructions.

10.) If you have a DE (diatomaceous earth) filter, it is recommended to replace the diatomaceous earth one to two times a year, depending on how much you use your swimming pool. The sand in a sand filter should be replaced once every three to five years. Filters use the respective mediums to keep the water clean, without the effect of harsh chemicals.

Now, sit back and enjoy your crystal clear pool water!

Copyright: Laila Mae Kelchner

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