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Clothes Shopping Tips: Be a Smart Shopper

Shopping can be loads of fun. You can find the perfect dress, the perfect shoes, the perfect accessories, or if you're in luck, the perfect outfit — all in just one shopping spree. But just like all things in life, shopping can have a downside too.

Shopping malls and the lust worthy stores inside have all been cleverly set up to make you not be able to resist buying more than you should. If you don't believe me, think about "temptation isle" in food stores — how many times have you thrown an unnecessary chocolate or pack of sweets in your basket?

Here are some fail-safe shopping tips to help you get what you need and have a fun time doing it too:

1. Never shop on an empty stomach

This one is very important. When your body is nutrient depleted, it not only slows you down, but makes you very irritable too. Eat ahead of time or enjoy a nice midway lunch with your gal pals.

2. Take regular shopping breaks

Shopping marathons may sound like fun, but they are by no means enjoyable. Stop for regular coffee breaks in between, especially if you have shopped for more than two hours flat. These small breaks, even if fifteen minutes long, can help refresh and revitalize you for the next hour or two.

3. Try not to shop on a time limit

Sure this one may sound rather impossible, especially if you're juggling a career and kids. You're probably wondering where you'll find the time to spend a whole day shopping? Well, it doesn't have to be a full day, but don't give yourself twenty minutes to buy an absolutely needed outfit. Because unless you're blessed with supernatural shopping luck, you will not find your desired outfit.

If you absolutely have no time to spend shopping, at least do some research on what's in store online. Most bigger clothing stores have a website where you can check out what's in store. Get a good idea of what you're in for before you hit the mall, or ask a friend who has more time to narrow down some options for you — after all, that's what friends are for.

4. Sales racks are not a free pass to spend

Although you may find it impossible to resist, and granted, you may find some great bargains, don't buy an item on a whim. First consider whether or not you will wear the item and if you have even one bit of doubt, leave it on the rack. There are far too many fabulous clothes out there to have items you will never wear taking up precious closet space.

5. Consider what you have before you buy

This one may seem obvious, but many women out there completely forget about it when they are lusting through the racks of fabulous, new clothes. Before you fall in love with an item, consider what it goes with by visualizing the items you already have in your wardrobe. If you think there is absolutely nothing it goes with, consider a different choice — you will be better off.

6. Always try the item on

Before you buy, always try the item on. See how it fits, and try out different size options if it feels too tight or too loose. Sizes in stores vary, so you may need to find which size fits you best for each different store. Plus, trying on clothes is fun, because you get a good feel for the item and how it will look.

7. Take a friend with to make it more fun

Friends make great shopping companions. They are there to provide great company, but will also give you their honest opinion on how an item looks on you.

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