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Colon Cleansing Diet

Since our colons are affected by our diets, people with poor diets and poor nutrition can build up impacted feces. This will result in harmful and unwanted bacteria in their colons. The good news is that you can reverse the effects of a poor diet on your colon by simply improving your diet. Colon cleansing diets are designed to promote the growth of helpful bacteria in the colon and eliminate the bad bacteria. Many people find that it's easy to cleanse the colon using diet alone!

Detoxify First

When beginning a colon cleansing diet, it is very important to start eliminating the harmful foods. You should begin to taper yourself off of fatty foods, especially foods that are fried in hydrogenated oils. Eliminate products with hormones in them, such as beef, poultry, eggs and dairy, and choose organic varieties instead.

Weed out alcohol and soda if you drink it, and replace those with hydrating water and low sugar fruit juices. If you are able, discontinue using aspartame or artificial sweeteners. Avoid MSG, Monosodium glutamate, at all costs and do your best to stay away from processed foods. MSG is a flavor enhancer that is found in most proceeded foods. All of these foods can be harmful on the colon and over time they will eventually cause impacted feces.

Replace With Wholesome Foods

For everything that you are taking out of your diet, it is important to replace them with fresh wholesome foods. The cornerstone of colon cleansing diets is eliminating the bad foods and nourishing our body with foods that are as close to their natural state as possible. Choose organic vegetables that are free from harmful chemicals and pesticides that are used during farming, and incorporate whole and sprouted grains. Many people swear by incorporating probiotic drinks and yogurts into their diets. These flavorful treats are delicious and filled with the good bacteria naturally found in your colon. These good bacteria will aid in digestion and promote your colon to begin cleansing itself regularly.

Following a natural colon cleansing diet will help to cleanse the colon without the aid of invasive medical procedures or harmful medications. Many people choose to combine a colon cleansing diet with the use of natural colon cleansing herbs for a powerful detoxification effect.

When starting any new diet, start slowly and take it one step at a time. Replace foods gradually and before you know it, you will be eating wholesome and healthy foods that will help promote a strong and healthy colon!

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