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Should I Color Gray Hair?

Gray hair is a mixture of your natural color and white hairs. Hair color is decided by melanin structure and by genetics. The lessening of melanin production causes grayness; as you age it is almost inevitable that your hair will lose its color or, if your mother or father went white or gray when young, the chances are that you might also.

Deciding whether or not to color gray hair is a very personal decision. Some people automatically banish gray as soon as a few strands appear, and others feel more ambivalent about the process or like their new silver threads. It doesn’t take an expert to see that some people have beautiful gray hair that is quite noted. Richard Gere, the actor, for instance, doesn’t appear to have a problem attracting roles despite his silver locks.

It's important to remember that gray hair reacts differently to colors and chemical treatments, so you first need to understand the process involved in coloring gray hair. But, with a little effort, you should have no problem washing your gray away.

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