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Computer Eye Strain

Eye Q

Sitting in front of the computer is not good for your eyes, so try sit at least and arm’s length away from the front of your monitor. Also, blink more often — you blink about five times less than usual when you are at the computer, causing the tears that coat the eyes to evaporate, resulting in dry, irritated eyes. It also helps to get up occasionally and walk around for a few minutes.

Whenever possible, print pages for reading. Reading printed material is much less stressful for your eyes than reading from the screen.

When working at the computer you don't need a very bright light, says Tanya Turner, a contact lens expert and founder of www.1-contact-lenses-consumer-guide.com. “Direct sunlight and lighting in most offices are way too bright. Put the blinds down on a sunny day. It is best to turn your monitor so the window is on its side, not in front or behind it. Soft light of a desk lamp from the side is also an option. If the light in the office is too bright, you can wear tinted computer glasses.

“Adjust the brightness of your monitor. Your computer screen shouldn't shine like a light source. You can adjust the brightness of your monitor to a little bit below default. However, remember to keep the contrast high, otherwise it will be even more difficult for your eyes to stay focused.”

To keep your brain active and your eyes in optimum condition, try Eye Q — it’s a supplement that’s rich in marine fish oil and evening primrose oil. Eye Q is available in capsule or liquid form.

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