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Things to Consider


Before deciding on blepharoplasty, there are important things to consider. It is expensive, and it is an elective surgery. It is seldom covered by medical insurance. When it comes to “who” should perform your surgery, do your homework. Make certain that the doctor is a certified plastic surgeon.

Be cautious about a claim of “board certification.” Just because the physician is board certified does not mean he or she is certified in blepharoplasty. According to the National Center for Health Statistics, any surgeon in the United States with a state medical license that is certified by any board can specialize in plastic surgery. This is true whether he or she has been trained in that specific field or not.

That fact will soon change, however. U.S. legislatures are beginning to pass laws protecting the patient from grotesque results inflicted upon them by incompetent surgeons. Even so, each cosmetic surgery candidate should take precautions to protect themselves by carefully screening each prospective surgeon before making a selection.

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