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How to Choose the Right Surgeon


Get recommendations from your family physician. Contact a reputable university medical center. Make certain that the surgeon is a physician of good reputation attached to the hospital. Check with your nearest Better Business Bureau or your state Medical Board, to find out if there have been any complaints, or if the doctor has a criminal record.

The goal of a good plastic surgeon should be to provide the patient with the best possible care, before and after surgery. Testimonies from former patients should be made available. You want someone who is skilled, with an impeccable reputation; one that is caring, respectful, and attentive to the patient's needs.

Blepharoplasty is an expensive procedure with a cost range of $1,500 to $7,000. Depending upon where your surgeon is located, the cost can be higher than in other areas. Regardless, cost considerations should not be part of the selection process when searching for a qualified surgeon, for such an important undertaking as cosmetic surgery.

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