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The Consultation


Once you have selected your surgeon, schedule a formal consultation. Often this first visit will be free of charge. This is where you want to pay attention to the “feel factor.” Does the surgeon speak to you with respect? Are you comfortable talking about your needs and expectations?

Be specific about what you would like done. If your surgeon understands your expectations, he or she can better determine whether your goals are realistic or not. Beware of the surgeon who tries to pressure you into other procedures, inflating his fee. Speak honestly and frankly, and remember you don't owe anyone anything. You are there to meet your needs alone.

Your surgeon will assess your brow position as well as the extent of excess skin, skin laxity (looseness), and fat deposits in determining which technique will render the best results. If you have other medical conditions such as high blood pressure, glaucoma, a detached retina, dry eye or diabetes, now is the time to say so. Any one of several medical conditions can increase your risk for complications. Discuss your medical history thoroughly with the surgeon before you choose to undergo surgery.

Other things to discuss with the surgeon include type of surgery the surgeon uses: scalpel versus laser. Dr. Frank Meronk, M.D., of Los Angeles, California states that he does not perform laser surgery. He is one of less than 500 board-certified ophthalmologists in the United States who are fellowship trained in the advanced subspecialty of ophthalmic plastic and reconstructive surgery (also known as “oculoplastic surgery”).

According to Dr. Meronk, “Use of the carbon dioxide laser in eyelid surgery has been associated with increased collateral tissue damage, delayed healing, increased scarring, less precision, and higher cost.” Glowing claims for blepharoplasty by laser, says Dr. Meronk, “have not been validated by recent unbiased studies.”

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