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Breast Reduction Surgery

More Often for Health Purposes than Cosmetic

More often performed to bring physical relief than for cosmetic purposes, breast reduction surgery is effective in alleviating 70% to 100% of symptoms in women who have the procedure.

Because the main purpose of breast reduction is for health purposes, it is one type of plastic surgery often covered by medical insurance. In fact, in many cases medical insurance will cover most of the cost. And in the overwhelming majority of cases, patient satisfaction is high; 80% to 95% of reported physical distress is alleviated.

Some women with “too-large” breasts feel self-conscious; tired of being unwanted targets of insensitive jokes, or careless references about ample breasts. Others experience back, neck, and shoulder pain caused by large breasts. Still others simply want clothes to fit and look better. Whatever the reason for seeking breast reduction surgery, some women make better candidates than others.

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