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Possible Risks

A browlift, as any other type of surgery, carries certain risks. Complications are rare when a qualified professional has performed the surgery, and most complications are small. Nevertheless, risks need to be considered.

Nerves that control eyebrow movement can become impaired, with damage to one or both sides of the eyes resulting. Without additional surgery, ability to raise the eyebrows may be lost. Another risk is noticeable scar tissue.

Though a broad scar is rare, it can happen. Further surgery would be required to remove wide scar tissue for a thinner, less noticeable scar. Some patients also experience hair loss along the edges of the scar.

Loss of sensation along the incision line is common after a classic browlift, and more rarely with an endoscopic. Though usually temporary, it can sometimes be permanent. Blood can sometimes form under the skin, requiring removal. Other rare complications include infection, and bleeding.

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