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Find a Qualified Doctor

If you plan to consult with a plastic surgeon about the possibility of having a browlift, donít make a random choice. Take the time to research for a qualified doctor. Do a thorough check using Internet resources, including www.plasticsurgery.org. Also obtain referrals from trusted medical personnel and personal acquaintances. Be sure the surgeon is certified by a recognized board, and that certification includes browlift surgery.

Have a list of questions prepared prior to the consultation. Tell the doctor exactly what it is you want the browlift to accomplish. Your doctor may ask you to look in the mirror and point out specific areas you want improved. He or she will evaluate your face, your skin and underlying bone. Donít be embarrassed by questions, or assessment of your face. Be frank and upfront about everything. If you have concerns about the procedure itself, or possible results, discuss those too.

Bring information regarding your medical history with you to the consultation. This would include things such as any surgeries or other medical treatments you have had — including cosmetic surgeries — and any complications experienced. Also tell the doctor about health conditions or allergies to medications you may have.

The doctor will discuss your overall goals for the surgery to make sure they are realistic, and to prepare you for end results. Surgery will be explained, and type of anesthesia will be recommended. Donít hesitate to ask questions, or share your fears or concerns.

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