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Laser Hair Removal

Is it Safe and Effective or Not?

With procedures that take only minutes compared to hours by electrolysis, laser hair removal offers consumers yet another way to remove unwanted body hair.

Although there is no firm data on how long hair reduction lasts or how often permanent reduction occurs, the hands-down consensus seems to be that having hair removed by laser is a relatively safe procedure. And when expectations are realistic, the majority of consumers who have hair removed by laser are pleased with the results.

Even so, some claims by providers about the procedure are unsubstantiated, research inadequate, and many medical practitioners remain skeptical or unconvinced that laser hair removal entirely matches up to marketing claims by those who offer the service.

The mission of this report, therefore, is two-fold:

  1. To remain neutral while what is known about laser hair removal is highlighted.
  2. To remain neutral while distinguishing which claims about laser hair removal are accurate, and which are unsupported by medical research data.

It will also offer sound advice to persons considering laser hair removal.

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