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Laser Hair Removal

Advantages and Disadvantages

Present day, the use of laser energy for purposes of hair removal continues. Although there is no evidence to the contrary, research that proves it is a safe and effective method of hair removal remains inconclusive.

What have been determined are certain advantages laser hair removal has over other methods:

  1. It is considered safe when performed properly by an experienced provider.
  2. Light-skinned, dark haired consumers experience best results.
  3. Re-growth is often lighter, and finer textured.
  4. Because the laser method is quicker than electrolysis, it is especially useful for large areas of hair removal in one sitting.

The flip side of the coin is its disadvantages:

  1. As mentioned throughout this report, long-term data on safety and effectiveness is incomplete.
  2. The procedure requires eye protection.
  3. The procedure can be expensive.
  4. It is not as effective on darker skin tones, or on persons with gray, red, or blonde hair.
  5. Improper treatment or overexposure to laser light can cause burns, lesions, and long-lasting skin discoloration.
  6. Re-growth can be patchy or patterned.
  7. Because regulations vary, inadequate control methods to ensure competent practitioners exist.
  8. Some persons find the treatment painful.
  9. Some persons, even those determined to be a good candidate, do not respond well to treatment.

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