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Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal Precautions

If you or someone you know plans on having laser hair removal, the following guidelines will help to increase the chance of laser treatment success:

  1. If you decide to have laser hair removal as a result of an advertisement, keep a copy of the advertisement, or write down claims if you heard the advertisement over the radio or television. Document date, time, and where the ad ran. You might need this information later; especially if the ad promised removal of hair, and your treatment proved unsuccessful.

  2. Get as much information as possible over the phone. Ask direct questions when you call. Take notes; request the names of everyone you talk to, date and document all conversations.

  3. Go to a licensed dermatologist or plastic surgeon. Anyone can operate a hair removal business; you donít want to trust someone who might be unqualified, and risk serious skin damage.

  4. Remember, doctors are human, too. They can be fooled by marketing hype; they can also be salesmen who try and sell a service to help pay for expensive equipment.

  5. Donít set a date to have the procedure without first having a consultation. When making arrangements for one, insist on speaking directly with the supervising physician.

  6. Note whether or not the clinic appears sanitary and well-organized. What about staff? Do they appear helpful and courteous?

  7. When speaking with the doctor ask what their training is, and how long they have been using the particular machine they plan to use on you.

  8. Before agreeing to laser hair removal treatment, ask how much a test patch will cost. Have one done; insist it be done by the doctor who will be treating you.

  9. DO NOT sign up for treatment at the consultation. Wait at least two weeks to make sure the test patch is successful.

  10. Have a list of questions ready. Ask things such as how long treatments will take, the total number of treatments that will be required, when payment of each treatment is due and how much each treatment will cost. Ask what specific types of pain medication you will be given, how long it will take for hair to fall out, etc. Also ask what their policy is for missed appointments.

  11. Before making an appointment for laser hair removal, get a written guarantee of any promises made. Also get a written list of possible side effects, and the doctorís profile on your skin type.

  12. Treatments are usually sold in packages of 2 to 6 over a one year period. Do not agree to ďopen end treatments,Ē where you continue to pay for treatments until all hair is gone. Instead, try and get a written guarantee that any treatments required to fully remove hair beyond the number specified in the package, will be free.

  13. Read anything you sign thoroughly; do not allow anyone to rush you. If you donít understand something, ask questions.

  14. Keep written records throughout the entire hair removal process.

  15. Make sure you are provided with a pair of goggles for each hair removal session. Lasers can cause severe eye injuries.

  16. During treatment, you may feel a pinching sensation. If you experience real pain, tell the doctor to stop. Pain is sometimes caused by over treatment, which can cause injury to skin tissue.

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