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Preparing for the Procedure

If after consulting with a qualified doctor you are still interested in having a liposuction, ask the doctor to explain what to expect the day of surgery. Also ask what the procedure itself will entail.

During the surgical procedure, medications to aid comfort are given; decide with your doctor what medications and what type of anesthesia are right for you. For your safety, monitors will be used to keep track of your vitals while you are sedated.

Shaving or otherwise removing hair from the areas to be treated on the day of surgery should be avoided to remove the risk of ingrown hairs. The doctor will tell you to eat nothing after midnight, so that you arrive for surgery with an empty stomach.

The doctor may instruct you to wear loose fitting clothing after surgery, which either opens in the front or pulls over easily. This will make it easier to put clothes on over the pressure garment and dressings after surgery.


Everyone wants to look as good as they can for as long as they can, and have as shapely a body as possible. Liposuction can be a viable solution to puffy, fatty tissue areas of the body. With proper education as to the techniques involved, and after careful research in locating a qualified doctor, you help insure that your liposuction is a much-welcomed success.

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