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Rhinoplasty Surgery

A Quick History Lesson


Surprisingly, plastic surgery dates back to ancient Egypt, around 3000 B.C. It has also been practiced in India since 800 B.C. Out of necessity physicians found themselves repairing the faces of soldiers wounded in battle.

Rhinoplasty seems first to have been discussed as an aesthetic objective during the middle to late Renaissance. By the middle 1800s doctors in Europe and America began to experiment with different cosmetic surgical procedures in order to enhance the shape, appearance, and functionality of the nose.

The first intranasal rhinoplasty was performed by John Orland Roe in 1887. Later, the surgery was transformed into a medical art form by Jacques Joseph (born Jakob Lewin Joseph) in 1898. His goal was to help people when the shape and size of their nose caused them social embarrassment.

Rhinoplasty took a giant leap forward during one of the most tragic times of the early Twentieth Century, during World War I. In order to provide wounded troops a greater quality of life, surgeons were forced by circumstances to make major technological advances in reconstructive procedures in a short amount of time. Along with these advances came improvements in anesthesia and antiseptic techniques, in turn bringing about major safety advances in rhinoplasty.

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