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Holiday on the Costa Blanca:
Three Reasons Why

Holiday on the Costa Blanca for a lazy, laid-back break. The Costa Blanca has been a top holiday venue since the late 1960s when sun, sea, and sand became must-haves for the ordinary man and woman on the street. But there are other reasons why people holiday on the Costa Blanca, in addition to the warmth and sunshine.

*If youíre on a budget, you donít have to go package. You can now get inexpensive flights; taxis from the airport to your hotel are cheap. You can get an apartment for less than £17 or $30 dollars a night.

Costa Blanca

*Itís cheap to eat on the Costa Blanca and there are cafes, bars and restaurants everywhere you go so you donít have to cook. The nightlife caters for all. You can watch a show or dance till six in the morning, depending on your taste.

*There are both man-made and natural beaches along the Costa Blanca. The beaches are fabulous; they are cleaned every day. There are plenty of sun loungers available. You can also buy a beach mat for around a dollar and carry that with you.

So there you have it, three reasons why you should holiday on the Costa Blanca. I could give you at least a dozen more. These three things are just a taster of what youíll find in beautiful, sunny, southern Spain. If youíre looking for a last minute holiday break the Costa Blanca is the place to be.

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