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Curly Hair Care Tips

A Cure for Curly Hair How to Style
Down Your Big Hair

Curly hair is often the best hair type to style. Because of its thickness, the style tends to hold and last longer. It is also the most difficult hair to style because of its volume and thickness.

Styling curly hair can be a time consuming process, but knowing a few style secrets can help you save time and have fabulous hair.

The most important factor to consider before styling your hair is to ensure you take proper care of it. Invest in shampoos and conditioners that have been specifically formulated to your hair's profile. You will also need to invest in an after conditioning treatment or hair masque that will target specific conditions, such as frizzing.

One of the most annoying factors is your hair frizzing when it dries, leaving you with big, afro, eighties-styled hair. To tame the frizz, invest in an anti-frizzing treatment. You can purchase these treatments at your local supermarket or visit the salon for monthly, intense treatments, that will help you get sleeker, smoother hair.

Never brush curly hair. Brushing curly hair only frizzes it out more. Rather opt for a large finger comb. Comb your hair when it is wet, and allow it to dry naturally, or blow-dry it straight.

You can also try leave in conditioners to tame the frizz. Put some of the product in your palm, work it into a section of the hair, and then use your fingers to define your curl. Continue with this in sections until you have done all your hair. For extra sheen and shine, go for a hair silicone treatment instead of the conditioner. Just remember to use a small amount and never apply to the roots of your hair to avoid greasiness.

One of the most common ways to style your hair is to straighten it. After all, straightening your hair can drastically change your hairstyle from its usual, full curls to sleek and silky strands. When straightening your hair, it helps if you blow-dry wet hair using a flat brush first, and then run flat iron tongs through your hair for sleeker, smoother hair.

Never, ever iron your hair when it is wet.

If you want your hair to be less curly, so that you can iron it easier, you can attempt a professional straightening treatment. Your best bet is to go into a salon for this treatment, as the chemicals used are very harsh. Attempting it on your own could lead to fried, strawy looking hair, making matters worse.

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