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Dandruff Causes


Compared with and other natural , dandruff is a minor problem. But walking around with white flakes on your head and shoulders is embarrassing — doubly so if your dandruff flares up just before an important job interview or romantic encounter.

The exact cause of dandruff has long been uncertain. Some general practitioners believe it is the result of either too much or too little oil being produced by the sebaceous glands in the scalp.

However, some dermatologists suggest that it is caused by an infection, and a yeast fungus has been isolated that is believed to breed in a combination of sebaceous oil and dead skin cells. And while they don't cause dandruff, hormonal and seasonal changes can also exacerbate the problem.

Dandruff is characterized by accelerated cell turnover — in other words, the cells on the surface of your skin build up like crazy.

“Typically, it takes 21 days for new cells to migrate to the surface of your scalp, where they are shed, says Dr. Yohini Appa, director of product efficacy at the Neutrogena Corporation. “Ideally, it’s an invisible process. But with dandruff, the cell reaches the surface in half the time.” As a result, cells build up on your scalp in clumps before they’re shed. And when they shed, they look like tiny white flakes.

Dandruff can be controlled if not cured. Click here for information on dandruff treatments and remedies.

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